Explosion hazard greater than the PX project is dependent on the public authority lie expert

Known to the public through Dalian and Xiamen "walk" opposition PX project settled in the local incident, PX project itself as an important chemical raw materials for industrial projects but has evolved into a very sensitive social issues, while the PX project could have an enormous economic itself highlights the achievements of local officials most fancy no doubt become the officer chasing performance goals to strive for; but this chemical project in the end what the public may bring environmental and safety problems, but it has been debated, uncompromising, around during the game between the public and local governments and between experts and scholars, as yet there is no sign of the result did not end. With two years Zhangzhou Gulei huge explosion PX project twice, once again shocked and attracted everyone's attention. It does not prohibit to ask controversial of PX chemical projects often explode in the end how much the production process produces toxic substances spread out? In the end what is the extent of its dangers? Such a major chemical projects often major explosion, enterprise management loopholes in the end how much? The local government in the EIA and regulatory safety plan and the entire production process in done in the end? There is no dereliction of duty? ------- I believe there are many more questions will be woken up at the sound of the explosion.
To some extent, PX project and not the most terrible explosion, which may only be described as chaotic business management and government regulatory dereliction of duty, it can be improved by strengthening the regulation, but the efficiency of enterprises and government revenue hazards. But if, as in the production process PX PX aromatics device exploded joint project, which involves an intermediate product in the production process have been distributed out of toxicity, it is bound to nearby residents and public safety and the environment caused immeasurable harm ; The problem is that so far, has been behind the construction of local government experts always PX project from "professional" point of telling the public, the government is right, there is no harm, but is it true?
As we all know, experts and government has insisted that the PX low toxicity of the product itself, and cited the UN PX toxicity third class standards to justify, that is relevant reports have focused on the toxicity of controversy PX products, and deliberately not talk about the production process, or deliberately weaken or understatement toxicity hazards of the production process, but actually the most important, and most should be worrying about is precisely the environmental pollution of the production process. On this point, many chemical experts should know very well, but they have been combined with the performance of local government interest demands, in the name of academic conceal a lot of truth. In fact, if not the chemical industry professionals, and many can be found online from home and abroad to confirm PX relevant information throughout the production process, the existence of a contaminated environment and high carcinogenic, and teratogenic fetus has a high rate of risk .
We already know that at least a few, the entire refining and fractionation PX production process, in which the main components of a stage that will generate the basic benzene, toluene and xylene, and benzene is recognized as among the famous high toxicity, high carcinogenic substances, Toxicity toluene and xylene although relatively low, but in order to get more chemical PX, would go through the name "xylene isomerization" process, the conversion of MX and OX to PX. Tamron PX aromatics production plan is 800,000 tons / year, OX production is 160,000 tons / year, MX and OX and PX similar toxicity, toxic substances are not carcinogenic, but there are certain teratogenic. By-product of this step are benzene, toluene and C9 aromatic hydrocarbons over a small amount, there are different degrees of toxicity. To detail the process is very complicated, of course, but these toxic substances in the production process is precisely the so-called experts say, and acknowledge the fact that their own; but they argue that the above fractionation of toxic substances in the refinery production is continuous, The product of the previous step immediately after the step as a raw material, so the completion of this four-step chemical plant is closely linked synthetic one, called "aromatics" chemical, rather than the existence of the problem of long-distance transport intermediates. So there would be no fear of environmental hazards and public safety risks. But experts precisely but deliberately ignored a refinery fractionation unit failure or explosion, will make those toxic substances diffused into the environment of the fact, and within two years, including the fact that the explosion happened today confirmed the hazards of the real exist.
Incredibly, since the key to the production process to produce these toxic substances PX chemical projects, especially in the case has attracted attention of the public, corporate governance and government regulation is so rashly, this is not to take the public safety and the environment and ecology joke it? Is this a responsible attitude it? For GDP, for financial gain, for official performance, ignoring the government's social responsibility, especially those in power of those so-called experts and scholars lie, mislead the public, Zhangzhou PX project now has exploded, experts hope to be out walking a few step, explain them repeatedly in the production process "closely linked one of the four-step synthesis of chemical plant" theory could not produce environmental hazards, perhaps they feel PX project is impossible in theory it exploded. But those who did plant exploded, and more than once.
I remember a fuss experts have also said, "Of course, there is an important byproduct need a reminder, this is the hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is not produced in the four-step reaction, but the whole vacuum distillate and naphtha distillate sulfur impurities in the formation of hydrogen sulfide is highly toxic, and is an important air pollutants, so the exhaust aromatics produced must undergo desulfurization. ", just to show them fair academic and not dependent lie to the public authority. But at least as proved, even if the device explosion does not occur, PX project there are also highly toxic hydrogen sulfide emissions. Another experts also have to admit that the problem is in the production process on the surrounding environment huge unbearable odor, namely acetic acid, methyl acetate odor. And then the Xiamen Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has explained: "Although the emissions of acetic acid than the human olfactory threshold, but still meet the discharge standards and will not cause harm to human ------," What is this nonsense Nepal code, public If you live in unbearable day containing PX, acetic acid, methyl acetate and bromine vapor stink among the living to talk about quality? What happiness index also pull it? Chedan it.
PX projects in the public and government debate the blind pursuit of economic interests and the game seems to have become a social problem, but the essence remains the government in the end or not to establish the scientific concept of development, we should not continue at the expense of the environment and health of the people at the expense of economic development cognition. Pull cited by a number of experts on the Code of shit misleading society, even low quality of the people accused, it is very funny, again and again so pure management and regulatory issues explosions are doing well, have the nerve to talk about the quality of citizens? In fact, even the explosion of the PX project then succumb to public pressure to change moved Zhangzhou Ligure, when the government Zhangzhou Zhangzhou people even took to complete news blackout initiative, when the reporter interviewed, Zhangzhou Development and Reform Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Ligure Development Zone, and many other sectors, the answer almost all of the speech, "I do not know." Zhangzhou as the largest ever investment project, PX did not get as early as high-profile publicity Xiamen status. On Zhangzhou party newspaper "Taiwanese Journal" Web site, or even less than a word or two about the PX's search. EIA information of interest to the outside world has been in the public eye has not seen, there are local officials more bluntly official attitude is, "do not say," should "in favor of a smooth landing major petrochemical projects." Even in Zhangzhou official occasions, or official documents, then simply do not use the term "PX", but in "ancient thunder major petrochemical project," in lieu of that. This involves major investment projects of public interest, but the lack of basic transparency, how government credibility? Expert credibility lie?
A major project investment of billions, it is so quiet surreptitiously build up, it is no wonder that less than two years there have been two major plant explosion, the result of quick success, now become more real harm. PX project is just a fact of economic development must be of industrial projects, which itself is not terrible, terrible neglect of science, opaque and irresponsible, is the name of some experts fooled the masses under the guise of academic mislead society. The government should really do is professionalism targeted requirements and oversight Dragon Aromatics and Xianglu petrochemical companies to strengthen internal security management and the establishment of effective government regulation mechanism, away from the city crowd and try to reduce the toxicity of the production process discharge or leakage of substances and unpleasant gases, at least to ensure mercenary companies not to explode.